Our student program is designed specifically for children and students ages 2.5 - 18. OM's program is designed to give students who wish to pursue a professional dance career the ability to receive some of the finest training available while maintaining a nurturing environment. It also offers students wishing to pursue a study of dance purely for recreational purposes the opportunity to do so in a fun, yet top-quality program.

Students are placed in classes firstly according to their technique level and secondarily according to their age. This enables us to ensure that students receive a thorough and exemplary education by providing a solid technical foundation before allowing them to progress to a more challenging class. Once a student has progressed past the level of his or her current peer group, they are moved to the next class level so that their training does not stagnate. We strive to ensure our students are always challenged, yet never defeated!

In order to offer a well-rounded program, we offer students the opportunity to study:

We believe that healthy bodies make happy dancers and as such, Organic Movement students receive expedited appointments with our partners in injury prevention and treatment, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital [U18] Dance Medicine physicians. When filling out the request, please be sure to include Organic Movements in the company name to ensure the fastest appointment possible.

Additionally, we work to offer performance opportunities outside of simply the traditional recital. This is done so as to give our students an opportunity to audition, rehearse and perform, offering them the experience they will need if pursuing a professional career in the future. Please call us at (561)395-6111 or e-mail for more information and to find out how your child can benefit from our Student Program.