Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for quality dance education with a focus on superior artistic and technical training. We are founded on principals of integrity, offering a place for students of all ages to develop their skills to their fullest potential. We strive for and are committed to creating a positive appreciation of dance and a strong sense of self and community for our students by cultivating a supportive learning environment and developing partnerships with local charitable organizations.

Organic Movements was created to provide a caring center for quality dance education where students of all ages can develop confidence in themselves and their art in a natural, nurturing and supportive environment. We are committed to care for our students and community by giving back so much of the support we have received. Through ties with local charitable organizations and an ongoing partnership with anti-bullying organizations, we strive to make a positive impact on our students, our community and in turn, ourselves.
We are set apart from the rest by our:

  • Teachers who are some of the most highly educated and experienced in their fields. The integrity of our program is fostered by the commitment of our teachers to their passion, students, continued education and desire to support our community!
  • Students who are dedicated pupils whose earnest desire to learn in a nurturing environment is supported in our caring, supportive studio family. Their commitment to one another, the community and us is humbling and inspiring!
  • Community without whom we would not exist. Support for our program allows us to continue and increases our ability to give back to our local community!