We are excited and honored to have been featured in the following publications, both online and in print:

"'Before I opened my own studio, I was juggling motherhood, a full-time corporate job and continuing to teach part-time - which was my real passion,' says Mullen. 'When my daughter was very young, I would wear her in a carrier, and she slept while I taught. And then I realized that I had the opportunity to do what makes me happiest and still spend time with my daughter. So I made my part-time passion my full-time career.'"
Boca Raton Observer, September 2015 [ link ] pages 68-69.
WPTV Channel 25's Sandra Shaw was at Organic Movements in Boca Raton for our POUND: Rockout. Workout.™ class for this edition of Workout Wednesday.
WPTV Channel 25 News, March, 2015
WFLX's news video segment on our POUND: Rockout. Workout.™ classes:

WFLX Fox 29, November 2014, [ link ]
"Organic Movements has been a life-long dream for Courtney Mullen and last year it finally came to fruition. […] she realized that she wanted to provide a place for not only children to dance, but for adults and teenagers, too. Pregnancy, post-partum, menopause, seniors—each of these stages of life offers challenges to attaining and maintaining a physical, emotional and mental sense of well-being. […] Courtney strives to create a safe environment where women of all shapes and sizes can come to learn."
PB Parenting, May 2013 [link] pages 11, 29-30, and a feature article on 33.
"Organic Movements focuses on offering superior technical training to their students of all ages in a natural, nurturing environment. They offer three programs, dividing their students in Family, Student and Adult programs, dependent upon their individual goals and needs."
PB Parenting, July 2013 [link] feature article on our Grand Opening.
"'I think there are a few aspects that make us unique: We are not a competition studio; we are a classical conservatory style school which focuses on teaching and instilling a proper and technically sound foundation of and love for dance in each of our students, regardless of age. We focus on learning to dance, rather than a dance,' explained Courtney.

Organic Movements also offers several dance and fitness opportunities for parents and adults that they can fit into their busy schedules! Amen!

There are classes offered concurrently with their child's classes, classes MBMoms (MBAunts, MBGrandmas!) can take WITH their babies/toddlers, as well as classes offered at multiple times and days throughout the week so that they can always fit something in…including Pound- Rockout Workout!"

Modern Boca Mom, April 2014 [link] feature article on our owner, Courtney Mullen, and our new Pound Fit classes.
"...please go experience the amazing dance and event space at Organic Movements in Boca Raton by checking out their FREE Open House from Noon-3PM! Meet OM's fabulous teachers and see the state-of-the-art school.

I feel like I live at Organic Movements some weeks! I LOVE (LOVE!!!) their Mommy and Me Dance Class and the Pound: Rockout Workout!"

Modern Boca Mom, May 2014 [link] feature article on our Open House for Summer Sessions.