A year and a half ago, my daughter told me she wanted to dance. At the age of ten, Dominique made the decision to be a professional dancer. Although she had to take her first ballet lessons with younger girls, she has always had the support of her teacher: Miss Courtney.

Courtney with dedication, discipline, and elegance in the ballet, has turned Dominique into who she is today. Her teacher has been her role model. I could not have made a better decision than to place my daughter in her hands.

- Maria Escobar

Organic Movements is a perfectly structured environment focused on the individual student while having a laid back atmosphere and personable staff. They embraced my two toddlers allowing me the comfort of leaving them for the first time, while they got to learn the basics of dance and have fun too! I foresee us there for years to come!

- Sara Spillias

Miss Courtney is an exceptional dance instructor. My daughter is very shy with new people and she opened up right away with her. She has such a kind and patient nature about her. She teaches the children in a loving and nurturing manner, while at the same time implementing impeccable technique. We feel so blessed to have our little one in her class.

- Alicia O'Connell

My daughter has been a private student of Ms Courtney and has taken regular class. Ms Courtney is a wonderful teacher. She has a way of bringing out the very best in the kids. I cannot wait until the new studio space is up and running since many future dancers will benefit from her inspirational teaching methods. Way to go Ms Courtney. Ms Courtney prepared my child for a special audition and she has also taught her pointe in a private setting. We are forever grateful that she came into our lives.

- Mercedes Torres

Ella has had such a good year at Organic Movements thanks to the Acro classes. She has learned so much and improved her gymnastic skills tremendously. Thank you, Miss Erin, for being such a great teacher!
- The Kranz Family

I wanted to tell you about Bailey's dance performance in the school play. She and her friend Sage choreographed it and danced together. It was so beautiful! Everyone was commenting how she must have been in dance for years; I said no this is her first year. Thank you for everything you've been teaching her, it's amazing what you've taught her so far. She absolutely loves dancing [at Organic Movements].

- Tiffany Tipping

We are absolutely thrilled to be taking dance lessons at Organic Movements. Everyone is not only talented but loving and kind as well. Although Brayley has only been taking ballet lessons for a few months she thinks she is a real ballerina! Thank you for all you do!

- Stephanie Mangano