(6 weeks – 2 years)

Babies 6 weeks to 2 years in age are invited to join us and be introduced to the world of rhythm, musicality and movement, while parents are offered the chance to take a dance class without having to leave their babies!

OM’s Mommy and Baby Dance classes are offered in the mornings so as not to interfere with baby’s important naptime. This class will follow the mood and age of the babies, allowing us to progress naturally through the class without forcing a strict schedule upon our tiniest movers.

Classes will include but are not limited to the following for mommy and baby:
Parents are asked to wear comfortable clothing they can move freely in (yoga pants, workout attire) and to come in dance shoes (ballet slippers, jazz shoes, modern footies, or jazz sneakers) or bare feet. Socks will not be allowed in the classroom. A carrier to wear your baby (Ergo, Moby, any Ring Sling, etc.) will be beneficial, but not necessary.

Babies are asked only to bring their mommies and a blanket!

We ask that no outside food or drink be brought into the classrooms, but breastfeeding mothers are welcome to nurse during class at their own discretion.


(2.5 - 3 years)

This class is designed to help toddlers comfortably transition from Mommy & Me to a more independent setting of dance instruction. Parents are encouraged to work with the instructor and their child to help them make this transition. The children will learn to see themselves as independent movers as we dance, play and sing together. They are introduced to the basic concepts of dance and classical ballet movement while playing with scarves, ribbons, and other natural materials. Concepts of balance, flexibility and stability, movement transitions of up, down, side to side, over and under, and memory games are incorporated.