(2.5 - 3 years)

This class is designed to help toddlers comfortably transition from Mommy & Me to a more independent setting of dance instruction. Parents are encouraged to work with the instructor and their child to help them make this transition. The children will learn to see themselves as independent movers as we dance, play and sing together. They are introduced to the basic concepts of dance and classical ballet movement while playing with scarves, ribbons, and other natural materials. Concepts of balance, flexibility and stability, movement transitions of up, down, side to side, over and under, and memory games are incorporated.


(3 and 4 years)

Children are introduced to the foundation of dance through a playful exploration of music and movement in a natural, nurturing environment. All classes are approached in a play-based setting to maximize enjoyment and the learning experience in a developmentally appropriate manner. Children are encouraged to use their imagination as they develop coordination, grace, flexibility, stability and confidence in themselves.


(5 and 6 years)

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of balletic vocabulary and technique, focusing on the basic positions and foundational movements. This important class gives students the groundwork to build upon as they continue their training in the world of classical ballet. Classes are always taught in a patient, nurturing manner so as to maximize each child’s learning capacity. Ballet games are used to teach important concepts of technique in a manner geared to convey developmentally appropriate lessons and ensure memory retention of concepts.


(Student Division)

Class placement is determined by studio director and the decision is final. It is common for students to remain in the same class level for multiple years as they build their foundation and technique.

Students begin their training in the art of classical ballet with a solid foundation focused on vocabulary and technique. They progress through classes via appropriate placement based on personal ability and growth rather than age. This allows each student to follow their own learning curve and maximize their learning potential through both teacher instruction and their peer group. Ballet encourages all dancers to build confidence in themselves and their abilities. An emphasis is placed on form and vocabulary, lines, strength, flexibility and grace.


(Student Division)

The class is designed to concentrate on various aspects of basic modern dance; these include rhythm, body isolations and vocabulary. Students will master basic modern steps by gaining a greater understanding of musicality, develop creative practices and gain performance skills.


(by placement, students must have completed Ballet III)

The class is designed to concentrate on various aspects of basic lyrical dance; these include fluidity, expressive emotion, and extension of the body. Students will master basic lyrical movements by developing ballet and jazz terminology and technique through fluid and continuous movement, exploring how to express emotions and gaining performance skills.


(Childrens Division)

Students will be introduced to a broad range of jazz styles with a high level of energy. Jazz technique class is performed with syncopated rhythms, isolations and will be influenced by movements and music from the 1920- through now.


(Student Division)

Students will focus on learning proper dance technique, through isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing a broad range of vocabulary and skills. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such as musical theater, jazz funk, and contemporary to help develop a well-rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on Luigi technique and includes a structured warm-up, stretches, isolations, across the floor, progressions and combinations of movement including leaps and turns.